Preparing Your Property for Photography


  • Porches, decks and paths should be swept clear.

  • Walkways and driveways should be free of trash cans, recycling bins, water hoses, tools, bicycles, toys, etc.

  • Vehicles should be moved out of the driveway.

  • Lawns should be mowed and hedges/bushes should be trimmed.

  • Gardens should appear well maintained and free of weeds.

Indoors (to optimize light and create more pleasing images):

  • Window dressings should be adjusted to about 2/3 open.

  • Windows should be clean, screens removed if possible.

  • Light fixtures should be working properly and have the appropriate bulbs (it is not recommended to have fluorescent mixed with incandescent bulbs).

General living area:

  • Personal photos or other items you may not want to appear in pictures should be removed.

  • Floors and furniture should be clear of clutter - including piles of papers, clothing, toys, etc.

  • Electronic cables should be tucked away (computers, televisions).

  • Desk areas should be clear of papers and personal items.

  • Bookshelves should appear neat and organized.


  • Counter and sink area should be clean and clear of personal toiletries.

  • Towels and washcloths should appear clean and neatly displayed.

  • Toilet seat lids should be closed.


  • Beds should be neatly made.

  • Dressers and vanities should be clear of personal items.

  • Closets should appear neat and organized


  • Counters and sink are should be clean and clear of clutter, but you may want to leave out a decorative item or appliance.

  • Trash cans, pet dishes should be removed.

  • Refrigerator should be clear of all magnets, pictures, etc.

Other tips:

  • Post-it notes are a great way to leave messages if you are not present during the shoot.

  • Please alert us to anything that may be broken (window dressings, light fixtures, door latches)

  • Please alert us to anything that you were unable to remove but do not want to appear in the pictures (personal photos, children’s names) so that we may edit them appropriately.