Copy of Cate Marmonti

Brian Nemiroff was our professional photographer for Blake Real Estate during the revamping of our website. Brian’s professionalism and eye for an artistic flare on some of our older buildings are unsurpassed. The large amount of work we gave Brian, photographing nine (9) commercial buildings exteriors and interiors, and over 130 professional headshots, was done quickly and with ease. Brian always arrived early, and returned the fully finished product back within a week or two. Brian has prodigious Photoshop skills and is able to bring the best out in not only the head shots but in different aspects of our buildings.

I was extremely impressed with the pictures of the fitness centers, a free amenity to our tenants. Brian made them look like spa-inspired gyms with the comfort and space for which you would have to pay a membership fee. The way Brian made all of our buildings’ interiors look like Class A or Trophy level buildings was extremely impressive. Although Brian books up fast doing multiple shoots, I never felt pushed off to the side. Brian was always available for a quick call and responded to emails promptly. I never felt like I was a client waiting in line, I always received first class customer service.

It has been a pleasure working with Brian, and I know we will be calling upon him again when the time comes for more photographic needs.

— Cate Marmonti, Blake Real Estate, Inc.

Copy of Jessica Lee Smith

A True Artist!!! 
I want to start off by saying how incredibly happy we are that we chose Brian and his company “Photographic Utopia” to capture the true beauty of my brothers wedding. We had many choices and we run a page with 44K members on FB. We were very careful and made sure to pick the best of the best, bc our friends on FB were counting on seeing the some amazing pictures.

Our site is centered around my brothers Pomeranian, so the choice had to be the right one, bc we had dogs at the wedding too. I can tell you from experience that is is NOT easy photographing several dogs and hundreds of people at the same time.

Thank God we chose Brian. Brian is not JUST a photographer, he is a true artist. He is beyond creative and was able to capture every moment of the wedding, just perfectly. The pictures of the dogs, the guests and the setting, could not have been better. The way he captures images is just second to none. He is EXTREMELY professional and has the patience of a saint. He also takes video, like no one else can.

I’m so happy that we chose him and he was worth every dime, which was very reasonable compared to photographers I know, that are not even half as talented as he is.

When I saw even the first picture he took, I was blown away. He knows just the precise lighting and angle to use, to make everyone look their best. His gift for photography and video is something that I have not seen ANYWHERE.

He does everything in a very timely and precise way. He’s approachable and friendly and highly, highly professional. We couldn’t be happier with our photos and I KNOW that no other photographer could have done a better job.

I’ve used many photographers in my life, some were not good, some were good but THIS photographer is an artist. There’s no other way to describe his pictures, than “art”.

Each one of his pictures are taken with the perfect lighting and the perfect angle. He has a way of bringing out the beauty in everything that he captures with his lens.

If you’re looking for pictures that are truly gorgeous, Brian is the photographer for you. I know that we would never use anyone else after seeing his gorgeous work. A+, 5 Stars, the best of the best!!!

— Jessica Lee Smith, Philanthropist, New York, NY

Copy of Laura Ware

Brian recently did a professional head shot for me and I was so happy with the pictures that he took, in fact it was tough to make a decision on which one to put on my profile. I am super particular regarding photos, but Brian made the whole experience relaxing and fun. I would highly recommend him for anything to do with photography; he is a professional and takes great photos! Brian, thank you for the great photos.

— Laura Ware, JK Moving Services

Copy of Laura and Doug Hatch

Brian from Photographic Utopia was a pleasure to work with. His work is great and we were so pleased with him and his assistant photographer Crystal. They were dutifully snapping photos all throughout our ceremony and reception with style and grace. They were visible but not obtrusive. They truly made us feel comfortable and we even had Brian come down to DC with us to shoot in the city. He was super flexible and well worth the investment. If you want quality, they are the guys to hire. I am very happy with the job they did and would happily refer them our friends and family.

— Laura and Doug Hatch, Leesburg, VA

Copy of Erin and Neil Bahadur

We had two separate events that we hired Brian to do, our wedding and our reception. They were two days apart and in two different places and he was very accommodating to having to drive out to both. 

He made sure to be to the events early and got all of the pictures that we requested. He was also able to direct us in what turned out to be fantastic shots using the surrounding scenery. We also didn’t get our engagement pictures done in time, so he was flexible and allowed us to save that session for a later time.

Overall we are very very happy with Brian’s work. Highly recommend!!

— Erin and Neil Bahadur, Chicago, IL

Kathy Alexander

Brian photographed the interior of a client’s home for me. He came in, set everything up, and started photographing the rooms. He worked quickly, efficiently, and concentrated on specific views I wanted and provided additional views that I was very pleased with also. Brian has that keen artist’s eye that I appreciate. I was very pleased with the final photographs and Brian’s professional manner. I can highly recommend Brian of Photographic Utopia.

— Kathy Alexander, Interior Designer